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New Makeup - INGLOT

Went shopping with mum today to buy some new work clothes and ended up getting a whole lot of new makeup too! :3

I already had a voucher for INGLOT eyeshadow/lipstick from Christmas but I’ve been using a cheapo foundation so mum said she’d get me a new one! She also got me some primer and a professional makeup brush. :) The primer makes my skin feel soooo smooth.

I’ve been using hand-me downs and cheap stuff for ages so it’s really nice to have good quality makeup. I’m sure it will last me a long time. It’s so nice of my mum to help me buy it too because it’s the kind of thing I can’t justify spending money on when I’m trying to save.

Photo time!!

The lady at the store did my make up for me. She made my skin look so good! You can’t see any of the pimples on my forehead or chin. (iPhone photo, no touchups! Just auto-adjust in iPhoto)

Close up of makeup (excuse my eyebrows, really need to get them done!)

I bought the lipstick and eyeshadows she used on me with my voucher and they come in a little box (you can mix and match anything you want).

And thiiis is my first makeup brush ever!! It’s a stippling brush and is used for applying foundation to get a streak-free finish.

I think INGLOT is a great brand if you want the feel of expensive stuff (eg. MAC) without the massive pricetag. I also love good packaging and all their stuff is sleek and sturdy. 

Now I just need to practice so I can look pretty everyday! :3


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