♡ Amanda ♡
♡ aka Yumyumsesame ♡


I wonder if I should change my twitter name to pomeshiba instead of yumyumsesame?

I like yumyumsesame but it’s a bit long…

Might be weird for other people though. 

I do want to change it one day though, to something more identifiable as me.

It’s difficult though because twitter usernames aren’t really meant for that. 

Like, full names are too long and boring. Just your first name is great if no one else has taken it. But there’s not much I can do with Amanda. Amanda, Manda, Mandy (yuck!) etc all get snapped up really quick. 

Damn, pomeshiba is taken on twitter by some loser who got themselves suspended. Guess that’s out of the question then!

Some people add numbers but that’s really worst case scenario for me. Ayumi Hamasaki had to resort to numbers after legions of her fans took nearly every other combination but I’m sorry Ayu - even though you are cool, ayu_19980408 is not.

I guess I’ll just keep thinking about it and one day the perfect name will just pop into my head! :) And all will be well and good with the world.

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